Company Overview

Clarus is a fast-growth property services company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that provides construction, cleaning, mechanical and electrical services.

Clarus is ranked one of the best specialty contractors and is renowned for designing, procuring, constructing, installing, commissioning and maintaining complex projects.

Clarus has become a preferred supplier to some of the largest global and national real estate asset management companies, Fortune 500 companies and leading national companies.

Today, Clarus provides property services for some of the world’s top companies. The people behind the brands that deliver these products and services to millions of customers across the globe, rely on Clarus.


We are committed. We know only one way. We give our all. There is no in between. There is no half measure. We commit all of ourselves. We commit our energy, we commit our knowledge, we commit our experience and expertise, and we commit our reputation. We take responsibility end to end.


We focus on relationships, renowned technical services and superior results. Our clients are as diverse as the projects we deliver. Despite the variety of industries and customers we serve, we specialise in technically-complex and innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives.

Technology and Innovation

At Clarus we are constantly implementing technology innovations for our clients that reduce disruption to their business and help them make cost savings. It’s one of the key reasons we have gone from strength to strength over the last number of years and why more and more companies are choosing us.

We are really excited about our progress in LED Lighting and Smart Building control systems that can reduce electricity costs by 90% in commercial sites and enable cloud-based management of entire real estate portfolios.

At Clarus, we’ve implemented the world’s best Workforce Management software. It keeps everyone in the loop. Gives our team an easy way to stay informed, share important messages and contribute to the workplace conversation.

A great way to ensure better communications, planning and scheduling. Better results and efficiency of our projects!


Community involvement is as vital to our identity as our ability to design and engineer projects. At Clarus, our goal is to create a positive impact in society and improve peoples’ lives wherever we touch them. Enhancing lives, Every day.

Through our community engagement programmes, we actively encourage and support our people to participate in charitable activities as a key part of our contribution to shaping a better world.


Protecting the welfare of future generations is also reflected in our approach to sustainability by bringing environmental, social and economic benefits to our clients and the wider community.

Our LED lighting installations contain no toxic materials and are 95% recyclable, they contain almost no harmful materials, and help the carbon footprint. Clarus provides a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ recycling facilities for all its LED lighting installations.


Clarus was incorporated in February 2010. Our first project was a post-construction clean-up at Simmonscourt House, Dublin 2 and as a result, Clarus secured the office cleaning and maintenance contracts.

Clarus delivers a fresh, dynamic attitude and determination to deliver awesome results. Due its dynamic drive the company has become a fast growth property services group.

Deriving from our track record and strong client demand, Clarus expanded into construction, mechanical and electrical services, Smart Lighting and Smart Building solutions.


People, Performance and Quality


Clarus places a strong emphasis on people, performance, quality and teamwork. Our pro-active strategy ensures satisfaction by building trust, certainty and value for our clients. When people work cooperatively toward common goals with integrity and attention to quality and detail, very special things can happen.



Clarus is relied upon to keep delivering. We take a long term view of business, investment and relationships. Our knowledge and skills are augmented by drive to research and deliver the very best solutions and service. Our overriding focus is on performance.



Teamwork lies at the heart of our culture. We work together, with our customers, contractors and our supply chain to develop innovative and value adding solutions for our clients. Relationships have been the key to our past success and will continue in importance for the future. We are committed to working closely with all parties to deliver total satisfaction on projects.



We plan, set up and manage our projects with the safety of our staff, subcontractors and the public at front of mind. We manage projects to eliminate snags and defects by applying rigorous quality control throughout the life of the project, eliminating defects by planning, testing and inspecting, as we progress. The result is excellence, delivered on time and on budget.

andrew_haydon_clarusquoteleft-1At Clarus, it’s all about people. We look after our people so that they look after the people that rely on usquoteright-1

Andrew Haydon, Chief Executive Officer

What We Value

Safety: We value the safety and well-being of our people, our clients and communities.

Integrity: We deliver on our word. We are an honest, trustworthy and dependable partner.

Innovation: We delight in new ideas and offer our partners innovative, imaginative and flexible solutions to meet their challenges.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything that we deliver to help clients realise their vision.

People: We believe in our people. We encourage them to bring their creativity, passion and commitment to everything they do.


andrew_haydon_clarusquoteleft-1We here to make our client’s mission possible. We ‘re committed to exploring the most powerful, innovative idea or solution – even if at first, it seems crazy Our clients can be confident in us; they know without a doubt, we’ll deliver.quoteright-1

Andrew Haydon, Chief Executive Officer

Safety is a State of Mind

At Clarus, safety is not a behavior, but a state of mind. Our iterative approach, strong management commitment, employee engagement, use of technology, training programmes, and innovative focus has earned us industry recognition for our safety programmes.

Our tireless commitment to safety has established Clarus as a top contractor and electrical engineering company. Clarus commitment to Environmental Health & Safety is a core value that is woven into our processes and the business decisions that we make each day. We strive to conduct our operations with the utmost regard for the safety of employees, the public and the environment.

We have a ‘Safety First’ culture. We consider safety in all that we do. We do not believe it is enough to make safety a priority, because priorities are constantly changing. We believe that almost all incidents and injuries are preventable and put a strong emphasis on safety planning.

We are Committed to…

  • Working Incident-Free and Injury-Free, so that everyone goes home to their family at night safe and healthy.
  • Management commitment and leadership, open communication, and continuous improvement of our safety programs and procedures.
  • Clearly communicating consistent safety expectations throughout the organisation.
  • Developing safety resources that incorporate diverse experience and a broad set of skills implementation.
  • Continuously improving our safety performance.
  • Being a good neighbour in the communities where we live and work.

Our Safety Commitments

  • Safety has no rank at Clarus. We involve all employees to take ownership of ‘At-Risk’ behaviours and stop any unsafe acts.
  • We provide all employees with education and training they need to understand their safety expectations and responsibilities.
  • We encourage employees to provide feedback on injury and illness prevention measures.
  • We have safety goals and measurement of our performance against those goals.
  • We hold management and staff accountable for safety, compliance and performance.
  • We communicate openly with our employees, clients, neighbours, governmental agencies and interested parties regarding environmental and safety issues.